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### Decrease in Harvard Applications Following Unprecedented Year of Turmoil

Applications to Harvard University decreased by approximately 5 percent this year following a turbulent period that included the resignation of the university’s president and a defeat in a certain context.

Harvard’s class of 2028 received applications from 54,008 students, down from 56,937 the previous year, resulting in a 3.59 percent acceptance rate, the highest in four years. This decline contrasts with other prestigious universities such as [ppp1] and [ppp2], which experienced an increase in applications by around 10 percent. Similarly, [ppp3], [ppp4], and [ppp5] observed growth in their applicant pools.

The reasons behind the decrease in Harvard’s applications remain unclear. However, it is noteworthy that applications to [ppp6] also decreased by approximately 5 percent, making it the third-largest number of applications in the school’s history.

The decline in applications coincided with challenges to Harvard’s reputation, including the resignation of its president, [ppp7], amidst plagiarism allegations. This followed controversies surrounding a congressional hearing on antisemitism and statements made by pro-Palestine student groups regarding the Hamas attacks.

Despite these issues, Harvard highlighted the strength of its applicant pool for the fourth consecutive year, expressing excitement about the diverse talents and backgrounds that the Class of 2028 will bring. This admissions cycle marks the first since Harvard’s involvement in a Supreme Court ruling related to college admissions.