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### Fulbright Recipient from Graduate School Selected to Assist in Teaching Role in Czech Republic

Isaac McGee, a graduate student specializing in business and marketing education, is set to uphold a longstanding tradition at SUNY Oswego by becoming a finalist for the esteemed U.S. Student Fulbright English Teaching Award during his upcoming journey to the Czech Republic.

During his tenure from August 2024 to June 2025, McGee will serve as a teaching assistant, marking a pivotal transition from the corporate realm to the realm of education.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the opportunity, McGee highlighted the significance of the Fulbright grant, emphasizing his role as a cultural ambassador. Beyond teaching English, he aims to provide insights into the African American experience in the United States, viewing it as a platform to foster understanding and connection.

McGee’s path to education was catalyzed during his tenure as a bank manager, where he engaged in teaching financial literacy to underserved communities. This experience ignited his passion for high school teaching, recognizing the critical need for educators in such environments.

At SUNY Oswego, McGee’s involvement with the Career and Technical Educator Preparation Department paved the way for his participation in the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) program. Endorsed by department chair Benjamin Ogwo, the TOC initiative empowered McGee to engage in networking events and discussions aimed at enhancing opportunities for minority educators.

Guided by Nichole Brown and Lyn Blanchfield, McGee seized the Fulbright opportunity, which promises a transformative experience in the Czech Republic. His interest in international exposure, coupled with the support for spouses and the prospect of exploring Europe, align perfectly with his career aspirations.

As McGee embarks on this educational journey, he eagerly anticipates immersing himself in a new culture, educational system, and culinary delights. The Fulbright experience not only enriches his teaching portfolio but also aligns with his pursuit of excellence, exemplified by his enrollment in SUNY Oswego’s esteemed educational leadership program.

The Fulbright Student Awards offer a gateway for U.S. citizens to engage in research, English teaching, and knowledge exchange abroad, fostering cross-cultural connections and mutual understanding. This prestigious program, supported by the U.S. Department of State, signifies a commitment to global education and collaboration across borders.