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### Analyzing the Influence of Recent Regulations on Overseas Student Enrollment in the UK, Canada, and Australia

The demand for prospective students to study in the UK, Canada, and Australia is being significantly impacted by recent strict regulations affecting international students, according to a report by IDP.

IDP’s most recent study, titled “The Voice of the International Student,” conducted in January 2024 across 67 countries with 2,500 student participants, reveals a growing sense of hesitation among students considering studying in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Conversely, the United States is increasingly becoming a more attractive option for students.

A report by Studyportals indicates that interest in studying in Canada is notably decreasing, while the appeal of the US has significantly risen in 2023. The research also shows that a considerable number of students are either reconsidering or uncertain about pursuing education in the UK (49%), Australia (47%), and Canada (43%).

Specifically focusing on Canada, there is a perceived decline in interest, particularly among Indian students, who view studying in Canada as lacking the prestige associated with the UK or US, as highlighted at the annual Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conference in late-2023. Studyportals data reflects a 40% decrease in demand from India between February 2023 and January 2024.

Moreover, Studyportals research attributes the diminishing allure of Canada among Indian students to visa processing delays resulting from diplomatic tensions between Canada and India in the previous year.

Simon Emmett, CEO of IDP Connect, emphasized in ICEF’s report that international students are closely following discussions on policy changes, which are affecting the attractiveness of top global study destinations during a period of intense competition among destination countries.

The research by IDP underscores that the US is becoming the preferred destination for students reassessing their choices regarding the UK, Australia, or Canada. Additionally, Italy has experienced a significant increase in popularity among international students.

While interest in the Netherlands has been growing recently, there might be a future decline as Dutch universities plan to limit the number of international students and English-taught programs, according to the Monitor report.

Emmett highlighted to ICEF that students value certainty when deciding to study abroad, and the shifting stances of the British, Canadian, and Australian governments towards international students are not instilling confidence.

The policies introduced by the UK, Canada, and Australia regarding international education align with the governments’ efforts to more actively regulate immigration. Furthermore, in Canada and Australia, the policies are designed to address fraudulent institutions and agents while enhancing quality controls across the international education sector.