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### Preparing for Study Abroad in Italy with the Global Game Changers Program

Mississippi State University’s Global Game Changers study abroad program is set to embark on a transformative journey to Italy from June 9 to June 23, offering students a unique opportunity to explore various disciplines.

The program, led by Charles Freeman, an associate professor in the MSU School of Human Sciences, is entering its second year. Originating in 2023 with 50 students from five different programs, Global Game Changers has expanded to include seven program tracks this year. These tracks encompass agriculture and life sciences, art history, biochemistry, fashion design and merchandising, hospitality and tourism, kinesiology, and management and entrepreneurship.

Italy was carefully selected as the destination for this enriching experience due to its rich cultural heritage, educational diversity, and significant contributions to fields such as art, fashion, history, and science. Erik Markin, an assistant professor of management at the MSU College of Business, emphasizes the importance of understanding international business regulations and the interconnectedness of the global economy.

Through curated classes and site visits, faculty members like Lori Neuenfeldt from the MSU Department of Art ensure that students can seamlessly integrate their abroad experiences with their academic pursuits. The faculty’s dedication to creating meaningful connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences enhances the overall impact of the program.

Former participant Katherine Nause, a junior fine art major, describes her time with Global Game Changers as truly transformative, citing the exposure to new cultures, art, and friendships as invaluable. The program not only broadens students’ academic horizons but also fosters lasting relationships and a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

As Global Game Changers expands its offerings to include tracks in biochemistry, human development, and family studies, students are encouraged to seize this opportunity for personal and academic growth. The program, priced at $4,235, covers lodging, transportation, activities, meals, and more. With limited spaces available, early application is advised to secure a spot in this life-changing experience.

For those interested in joining the program, an interest meeting will be held on Feb. 6 from 6 – 7 p.m. in room 75 of the Lloyd-Ricks-Watson building. Don’t miss this chance to embark on a journey of discovery and connection with Global Game Changers. Apply by Feb. 9 to reserve your place in this unforgettable adventure.