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### Reflecting on the Nevada Global Business Program’s Inaugural Year Abroad: From Singapore to Argentina

The Nevada Global Business Program (NVGB) organized an extensive year of travel in 2023, involving students and faculty in a series of classes abroad to offer an enriching educational experience. The program featured diverse locations, including Singapore in January, South Korea during Spring Break, and Toronto, New York, London, Turkey, and Argentina in the summer months.

With the primary objective of promoting cross-cultural understanding, facilitating global networking opportunities, and offering practical insights into the global marketplace, the NVGB program aimed to broaden participants’ perspectives.

Reflecting on his experiences, MBA Alumni Jon Lau shared, “My NVGB journeys to Singapore and London transcended mere sightseeing; the week-long global business classes provided me with practical knowledge equivalent to a semester, infused with cultural immersion. Observing firsthand the operations of businesses in these varied hubs expanded my horizons and contextualized the theoretical concepts we studied in class. It was akin to witnessing a textbook come alive, but with a far more engaging twist! Building relationships with my peers amidst the vibrant cityscapes and iconic landmarks created enduring memories.”

The trip to Singapore in January exposed participants to a pivotal global business hub renowned for its vibrant economy and diverse cultural milieu. The itinerary included visits to prominent companies such as Marina Bay Sands and Microsoft, coupled with networking opportunities with industry stalwarts.

During Spring Break, the focus shifted to South Korea, offering a blend of traditional and modern business landscapes. Seoul, with its dynamic tech sector and traditional markets, provided a compelling backdrop for exploring the nuances of the South Korean economy.

As summer approached, the College of Business orchestrated an immersive tour of global financial and cultural epicenters. Stops in Toronto, New York, and London underscored the economic vitality of these cities, featuring visits to stock exchanges, financial institutions, and dialogues with industry experts.

The journey extended to Turkey, where the amalgamation of Eastern and Western influences provided insights into a distinctive market landscape. Engagements with enterprises like KWORKS enabled students to comprehend the challenges and opportunities in this transcontinental nation.

The final segment of the global expedition led participants to Argentina, celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse economic sectors. Interactions with local businesses and industry professionals offered students a profound understanding of the South American market dynamics.

Undergraduate student Aileen Cruz emphasized the program’s focus on practical real-world business applications, stating, “The hands-on experience with international business and management was invaluable! I wholeheartedly recommend fellow students to seize the opportunities presented by the NVGB programs.”

The 2023 Nevada Global Business excursions underscore the College of Business’s commitment to providing students with a comprehensive educational experience that transcends traditional textbooks. Looking ahead, the Nevada Global Business Program promises a plethora of exciting opportunities for participants.

Jim McClenahan, the executive director of outreach and engagement, highlighted the upcoming program’s focus on immersing students in international business and culture through unprecedented engagement opportunities. Participants can anticipate applying classroom knowledge in boardroom settings, engaging with international leaders to discuss organizational challenges and triumphs, and acquiring essential historical and cultural foundations for successful business operations in specific regions. Above all, they can look forward to expanding their global networks and forging lasting friendships that pave the way for future success.

As participants reintegrate into campus life, they bring back a treasure trove of experiences and insights that are poised to shape their future endeavors in the business realm.