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### France’s Goal: Attracting 500,000 Global Students by 2027

France is setting a goal to attract 500,000 international students by 2027 to solidify its position as a leading study destination abroad, a plan that was initiated in 2019.

As per a Campus France report, the French agency dedicated to promoting higher education, the current number of international students studying in France stands at 402,883. This reflects a 2.6 percent increase from the previous academic year (202122) and a notable 17 percent rise over a five-year period.

If this objective is met, France is poised to rank among the top host countries globally for international students.

“This initiative will not only elevate France, currently the 6th top host country globally, as a preferred destination for international students and scholars, but also underscore their significant role in enhancing the international dimension of the university system and the vibrancy of French research,” notes Campus France.

As part of this endeavor, France is also focusing on streamlining the application procedures for international students, particularly through digitalization.

In the current year, Campus France has announced the launch of a comprehensive global marketing campaign to showcase France as a premier study location in Europe.

The majority of international students in France originate from Morocco, with other significant sources being Algeria, China, Italy, and Senegal.

For the academic year 202122, student enrollment by country was as follows:

  • Morocco – 46,371 students
  • Algeria – 31,032 students
  • China – 27,479 students
  • Italy – 19,185 students
  • Senegal – 15,264 students
  • Tunisia – 13,661 students
  • Spain – 11,256 students

France invests a total of 5 billion annually in international education. A recent survey by Campus France revealed that [ppp1] are drawn to pursue their studies in the country.

France stands out as one of the countries offering health insurance and social benefits to international students. Under the new immigration legislation, the tuition fees for international students at public universities remain unchanged. Non-EU students are required to pay €2,770 per year for a Bachelor’s degree, €3,770 for a Master’s degree, and €380 for a Ph.D.

International students seeking visas for studying in France must demonstrate having €615 at their disposal, or €7,380 per year, to cover their living expenses during their stay, unless they receive a scholarship that covers educational costs.

In 2021, France secured the second position in popularity within the Erasmus+ program for student and staff mobility, following Germany and surpassing Italy and Poland.