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### Penn University Implements Daily Limit on Study Abroad Students’ Private Story Posts

Vanessa Huang


2 hours ago

Penn recently introduced a new regulation restricting students to only one private story post per day. Interim president J. Larry Jameson explained, “In an attempt to address a particular segment of the Penn community, Penn has decided to limit the number of posts by students studying abroad to two public posts per week and one private post per day.” This decision by Jameson triggered strong reactions from students currently residing in London, Vienna, and various Mediterranean locations. Conversely, students on campus overwhelmingly supported the measure.

Jenna Furhman (W ‘26) expressed her frustration, stating, “I’m tired of seeing their posts. We understand that you visited KitKatClub last night. Big deal. You can do that too. It’s called TLO.”

Following the announcement of the new rule at Penn, students abroad immediately sought clarification. Queries arose regarding the allowance of one post per day on different social media platforms and the definition of a day. The administration clarified that students are permitted to share one private story post on each social media platform they use. Consequently, a student with accounts on Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp can post up to three private stories daily.

Students were disheartened by the response to their second inquiry. The administration specified that a day comprises 24 hours. Therefore, a student cannot post both a brief, blurry video of a 3 AM rave and a photo of their 8:30 PM Florentine pizza dinner. A decision must be made.

“How can I be forced to choose?! It’s like…,” expressed Michael Raskowitz, a College junior currently studying in Seoul. “I detest making such choices. It’s unethical. What Penn is doing is comparable to making me pick between two unethical options. There should be no dilemma. Ethics should prevail.”

Note: Subsequently, Raskowitz contacted Under The Button to clarify that his statement should not be misinterpreted. Despite his earlier comments, he advocates for freedom of choice and is currently single.

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