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### Equity in Action: The Principle of Fairness

Wright State University organized two concurrent events for students on January 17th. The Winter Study Abroad Fair, a debut event in the newly refurbished Allyn Hall Lounge, was the first gathering. The second event, the Student Involvement Fair, took place in the Student Union Atrium.

Each year, Wright State offers between 10 to 15 study abroad programs for students to engage in, providing a diverse array of options. Mia Rodriguez, a first-year art major in attendance, expressed her inclination towards Japan, stating, “I’m weighing all of the options, but I’m leaning towards Japan.”

Michelle Streeter-Ferrari, the Director of the University Center for International Education, highlighted that less than 11% of college students pursue international travel experiences. She emphasized the value of such experiences in demonstrating readiness to embrace risks and immerse oneself in foreign cultures.

Streeter-Ferrari noted that students often select study destinations based on their familiarity with the country and language proficiency. She observed, “University students tend to gravitate towards Europe, Central America, places that they may be more familiar with.”

This year, the university is introducing a $500 scholarship for students participating in study abroad programs, incentivizing and supporting student involvement in international education initiatives.

Simultaneously, as the Winter Study Abroad Fair unfolded, students congregated in the Student Union to explore numerous organizations and university departments at the Student Involvement Fair. Jaelyn Hunt, a senior sports science major and president of Black Women Striving Forward, a group fostering connections among women at Wright State, commended the event’s utility.

The Student Involvement Fair featured approximately 50 student organizations and attracted hundreds of interested students. Lexi Ricker, a senior psychology major and planner of the Student Involvement Fair, emphasized the significance of involvement in campus activities, stating, “Getting involved is so worth it. It helps you find your people and helps make Wright State your home away from home.”

For more information on studying abroad and engaging in campus activities at Wright State, students can visit Wright State’s Study Abroad page and Student Involvement page.