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### Embracing Change: Education Ministry Supports Reform Initiatives

Fadhlina mentioned that this measure aligns with the educational transformation agenda led by the Ministry of Education (MOE), especially in fortifying the nation’s educational framework. – Bernama photo

In Kuala Lumpur on January 24, the Ministry of Education (MOE) expressed its support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s address and the Cabinet’s decision mandating the consolidation of all preschool education systems under the ministry’s purview to uphold the quality of education in the country.

Fadhlina Sidek, the minister, emphasized that this initiative corresponds with the ongoing education reform efforts championed by the MOE, specifically aimed at reinforcing the national education system.

“The implementation process is being fast-tracked with the active participation of all department and division heads following the post-MOE Cabinet meeting held today,” she stated in a release.

She added, “Details regarding the mechanisms and timeline for transitioning to this new framework will be outlined soon, in collaboration with relevant ministries and stakeholders in early childhood education institutions.”

Fadhlina highlighted the paramount importance of education reform in ensuring inclusive access, quality education, and timely interventions to address preschool dropouts.

On January 22, Anwar urged a review of the country’s preschool education system to mitigate disparities within the community.

Anwar emphasized the necessity for MOE-operated preschools to offer comprehensive supplementary amenities to all students, even if it entails the government incurring additional expenses. – Bernama

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