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### EU Parliament Vote on Funding Nonviolent Education for Palestinians

The European Parliament endorsed a resolution last Thursday, providing financial aid for education in Palestinian regions. The resolution contained measures aimed at reforming the Palestinian education system to prevent the promotion of violence or the use of violent imagery.

Moreover, the vote guaranteed that European Union (EU) funds would not support the dissemination of violent or antisemitic content to young students. The resolution was overwhelmingly approved by the parliament, with 412 members in favor, 172 against, and 22 abstentions.

The reform was enacted to eliminate the content present in Palestinian textbooks that hinder peaceful resolutions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as stated by the parliament.

This decision by the European Parliament was part of a budgetary discharge of the European Commission, granting the parliament authority to scrutinize the content of Palestinian educational materials, including textbooks funded by the EU-backed Palestinian Authority.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) criticized the content of Palestinian textbooks, alleging that they propagate falsehoods about Jews and endorse violence against them.

Establishment of an Education Task Force

In addition to the resolution, a task force will be established to train teachers and enhance the quality of education for young Palestinians, emphasizing peace-oriented values.

Ilana Cicurel, an MEP from the Renew Europe Group, emphasized the significance of addressing the content in Palestinian textbooks, linking it to the indoctrination of youth and their involvement in terrorist activities. She underscored the necessity of transforming the education system in Palestinian territories to foster a conducive environment for peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians, ensuring a brighter future for young Palestinians.