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### Required Documents for Canadian Study Permit Application

By, New Delhi

Mar 24, 2024 01:18 PM IST

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The Canadian government has adjusted immigration laws and study permit regulations in response to the growing number of students and professionals seeking educational opportunities in the country.

The desire to pursue higher education abroad is a common aspiration among students looking to expand their academic horizons and engage with a diverse global community to exchange knowledge and experiences.

If the candidate is being accepted by the school on a conditional basis, certain requisite courses need to be completed before the main study program is to be started. (Reuters)If the candidate is being accepted by the school on a conditional basis, certain requisite courses need to be completed before the main study program is to be started. (Reuters)

Canada stands out as a top study destination for Indian students due to various factors. As the influx of students and professionals continues to rise, the Canadian government has implemented modifications to immigration laws and study permit guidelines.

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As students prepare to embark on their academic journey in Canada, it is essential to understand the key documents required when applying for a study permit.

Proof of Acceptance

Applicants must include a letter of acceptance (LOA) issued by the educational institution along with their study permit application. The LOA can be submitted in its original form or as an electronic copy.

In cases where a candidate is conditionally accepted by the school, specific prerequisite courses must be fulfilled before commencing the main study program.

In such instances, a study permit will be granted for the duration of these courses plus an additional year. Once the candidate transitions to the main program, they must apply for a new study permit to extend their student status.

Provincial Attestation Letter from the Province or Territory

Most students applying for a study permit are required to provide a provincial attestation letter (PAL) from the province or territory where they intend to study.

However, students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree program are exempt from submitting a PAL.

Exceptions to the PAL requirement include cases where:

  1. The student is seeking a study permit extension
  2. The student holds a work permit
  3. The student is a temporary resident attending a designated learning institution (DLI) as a visiting or exchange student
  4. The student has completed a prerequisite course or program at a DLI
  5. The student is under a removal order but cannot be deported at the moment
  6. The student possesses a temporary resident permit valid for at least six months
  7. The student is a family member of a foreign national residing in Canada under specific categories.

Proof of Identity

Applicants must possess the following documents for their study permit application:

  1. A valid passport or travel document
  2. Two recent passport-size photographs

Proof of Financial Support

In addition to meeting specific financial requirements, students must demonstrate proof of financial support during their stay in Canada. A minimum of CAN $20,635 per year (excluding tuition fees) is required. Separate financial criteria apply for studying in Quebec.

Apart from the mandatory documents mentioned above, students may also need to provide additional documentation such as:

  1. A letter of explanation
  2. A medical examination report
  3. A custodian declaration (for minors)
  4. Any other relevant documents

For detailed information, please refer to the official website.

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/// Essential documents that students need to submit to apply for study permit in Canada