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### Achieving Success with a Hands-On Bryant Education: Insights from Eric Emerson ’91MBA and Todd Gustafson ’86

Eric Emerson ’91MBA – Eric Emerson, a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus, Graduate School Award, has dedicated almost three decades to Fidelity Investments in various capacities. Currently serving as the Chief Information Officer and head of technology for Fidelity Wealth, Emerson remains motivated by his belief in the company’s mission. He emphasizes the dynamic nature of his career at Fidelity, where he has continuously tackled challenges and advanced to his current executive position. Emerson attributes his success not to being the most intelligent individual in the room, but to his unwavering work ethic and persistence.

Having pursued his MBA at Bryant University, Emerson chose the program for its practical, project-based approach, which he found lacking in other institutions. His decision to join Fidelity Investments immediately after completing his MBA has shaped his professional journey over the past 29 years. While Emerson does not actively seek recognition, receiving the Alumni Achievement Award from Bryant holds significant meaning for him, underscoring his commitment to making a positive impact through his work.

Todd Gustafson ’86 – Todd Gustafson, honored with the Gulski Service Award, is renowned for his ability to conceive a vision, garner support for it, and effectively implement projects. With over 35 years of experience, Gustafson currently serves as the president of HP Federal LLC and leads US Public Sector HP Inc. He attributes his success to taking ownership of challenges and proactively seeking solutions, emphasizing the importance of managing outcomes.

Transitioning to Bryant University after a brief stint at the University of Rhode Island and work in the fishing industry, Gustafson valued the practical instruction and hands-on training provided by Bryant’s dedicated faculty. His philanthropic contributions to Bryant include mentoring students, facilitating internship opportunities, and aiding in the establishment of the Data Visualization Lab through a technology grant from HP. Additionally, Gustafson’s involvement in charitable initiatives, such as the Pan-Mass Challenge, reflects his commitment to giving back to the community.

Despite his modest approach to achievements, Gustafson appreciates the recognition through the Gulski Service Award. He looks forward to celebrating this honor with his family, including his father, at the Alumni Achievement Awards ceremony.