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### Admission Plans and Enrollment Choices: A Comprehensive Guide

Admission Options

Prospective students have the opportunity to apply for either the fall or spring semester. For fall applications, first-year candidates have three application pathways to choose from: Early Decision I, Early Decision II, or the Regular Decision plan. For further details, please consult [ppp1].

Early Decision Process

If Syracuse University stands out as your top preference, you may contemplate pursuing Early Decision (ED) I or II. By opting for ED, you commit to matriculating at Syracuse University upon acceptance to your preferred academic program. The deadline for the ED I application is November 15th. Typically, most ED candidates receive their admission verdict before January 1st. On the other hand, the ED II application deadline is January 5th, with candidates usually receiving notification by mid-February. It is permissible to apply to other institutions via Regular Decision or Early Action, but if accepted to Syracuse University, you must retract these applications.

As part of the ED application process, candidates must affix their electronic signature to the application, signifying agreement with the ED conditions. Additionally, parental and high school counselor endorsements are mandatory.

For applicants seeking financial aid, an initial estimated financial aid package will be provided promptly. Although Early Decision entails a binding commitment, we acknowledge that financial circumstances can impact a student’s enrollment decision.

[ppp1] – Insert link for further information.