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### Implementing Education Reform: Nicolás Cataldo Welcomes the New School Year

Minister of Education’s Initiative Boosts Academic Year Kickoff in Atacama

Today, the commencement of the new academic year in Atacama was celebrated with the “initial bell” ceremony led by Nicolás Cataldo, the Minister of Education, in the presence of students, teachers, and education assistants. This event marked the beginning of the “Let’s go back to class. Let no one miss!” campaign, aimed at enhancing student attendance and reengagement across schools. Despite the positive start, Cataldo acknowledged the existing challenges within the Local Public Education Service (SLEP) of Atacama, assuring that these issues would be promptly addressed within a week.

Addressing Educational Challenges in Atacama

In an effort to facilitate a smooth return to school, the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) in Atacama has released an official schedule for the resumption of classes in various communes. Recent updates indicate that 54 educational institutions are scheduled to reopen on March 5, with 40 operating on a full-day basis and the remaining 14 on partial days. This adjustment comes in response to maintenance and theft issues that have caused delays in the opening of six schools. Recognizing the gravity of these challenges, the Senate Education Commission held a special session in the region to devise a plan focused on improving the infrastructure and functionality of the SLEP in Chile.

Strategic Measures to Tackle Educational Disparities

The “Let’s go back to class. Let no one miss!” campaign forms part of a comprehensive strategy to combat educational inequalities, particularly in regions like Atacama that encounter unique obstacles. By actively involving the community and prioritizing student needs, the Ministry of Education aims to create an environment where every child can pursue their academic aspirations unhindered. This initiative highlights the government’s dedication not only to resolving immediate issues but also to enhancing the long-term quality of the public education system in Chile.

Future Prospects: Commitments and Anticipations

The proactive approach taken by Minister Nicolás Cataldo and the collaborative efforts of local and national education authorities signify a positive stride towards tackling the systemic challenges prevalent in Atacama’s educational landscape. While the commitment to resolving the current situation of the SLEP within a week is ambitious, it demonstrates a newfound determination to confront these obstacles directly. As the academic year unfolds, stakeholders express optimism that these actions will pave the way for a more resilient and inclusive educational structure in the region, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to succeed.