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### Explore Ghana with Eastern Michigan University’s Latest Study Abroad Program

Eastern Michigan University now presents a summer study abroad opportunity set in Ghana, West Africa.

The initiative, titled “EMU Returning Home: Race, Identity and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,” will be overseen by Caralee Jones-Obeng, an assistant professor specializing in Africology and African American Studies at the institution.

The journey will encompass visits to three key Ghanaian cities: Accra, Cape Coast, and Kumasi.

During their stay in these urban centers, participants will delve into topics related to Ghana’s historical involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, exploring its mechanisms, impact on tourism, and economic ramifications. Moreover, students will immerse themselves in Ghanaian customs and heritage, including the study of Twi, the native language of Ghana.

Jones-Obeng expressed her desire for students to gain a more authentic insight into life in Ghana, dispelling prevalent stereotypes and misconceptions about the African nation.

The itinerary includes visits to significant sites linked to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, such as slave castles and a river where enslaved individuals were prepared for their harrowing journey. Additionally, students will tour the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Accra, the University of Ghana, and the University of Cape Coast, where they will receive informative sessions on the historical context of the slave trade in Cape Coast.

This marks Eastern Michigan University’s first Africa-based study abroad program in a decade, following the previous excursion to South Africa. It also signifies the university’s inaugural venture into offering a study abroad experience in Ghana.

Jones-Obeng’s motivation to spearhead this program stems from her personal visits to Ghana, drawing from her impactful encounters during her undergraduate years. These experiences prompted her to challenge and broaden her perspectives on race, ethnicity, and nationality.

The estimated duration of the trip is nearly two weeks, with tentative departure and return dates set around May 29 and June 10, respectively.

The program fee amounts to approximately $6,500, covering expenses such as airfare, tuition, lodging, and meals. Financial aid opportunities will be accessible post-acceptance into the program, with a list of scholarships detailed on the University’s Study Abroad and U.S. Study Programs webpage.

Interested applicants must submit their applications by Feb. 15, with acceptance notifications anticipated within the subsequent two weeks.