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### HISD Schools Experience Significant Drop in Ratings Following TEA’s Revised Guidelines

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Several of Houston’s highly regarded schools have experienced a significant decline in their rankings following the release of the 2022-2023 ratings by the Houston Independent School District.

Parents waiting in the pickup lines on Tuesday expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent developments.

“I’m taken aback by the fact that a school of this caliber has transitioned from an ‘A’ to an ‘F’ rating,” remarked Fernando Flores, a parent with a child attending Anderson Elementary.

Overnight, both Anderson and Blackshear Elementary saw a drastic drop from an “A” to an “F” rating.

“I believe the results do not accurately reflect the true quality of the school,” shared Andre Norman, a parent with a child at Blackshear.

The ratings for individual schools in the 2022-2023 academic year are determined based on STAAR testing results and are issued by the district this year instead of the state due to [ppp1].

A total of twenty-nine schools saw a downgrade from a “B” to an “F” rating.

Norman suggested that the situation goes beyond just school ratings, attributing it to factors like location and political agendas aimed at altering the perception of certain areas.

Following the release of the new ratings, it is anticipated that 26 schools will transition to the New Education System program, with 24 others being considered for inclusion in NES.

13 Investigates conducted an interview with HISD Superintendent Mike Miles, who outlined plans to have 150 schools operating under the NES framework by the 2026-2027 academic year.

“The NES program has undergone testing, and we are confident that providing social support and qualified teachers to these NES schools will aid in elevating both the students and schools from their current ’D’ and ‘F’ status,” stated Miles.

Despite the rating change, Norman continues to view the school as exemplary, emphasizing the progress observed not only in other children but also in his own.

Additionally, ABC13 spoke with a teacher off-camera who expressed disappointment regarding the downgrade in the school’s letter grade and expressed reservations regarding the potential impact of the NES model on the school.


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