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### CPC’s Parents, Not Partisans Summit: A Must-Attend Event

Attention all parent leaders and champions of education reform at the 3rd Annual Parents, Not Partisans Summit hosted by CPC Parent Union in Sacramento

Save the Date: March 12th and 13th, 2024

You are cordially invited by the California Policy Center Parent Union to join us at our 3rd Annual Parents, Not Partisans Summit in Sacramento. This year, our focus revolves around the theme: Empowering Parents in Education. While teachers unions, educational bureaucracies, and legislators in Sacramento seek to influence California’s classrooms, it is crucial to recognize that the ultimate authority rests with parents and the local school boards they hold accountable.

The upcoming 2024 election carries significant implications for parental rights within public schools. The Summit’s Day 1 will feature insights from a diverse panel of education reform advocates and grassroots organizers covering essential topics such as:

  • Mobilizing Grassroots Support during an Election Cycle
  • Engaging in Grassroots Activism within Local School Boards
  • Effective Media Strategies for Parental Advocacy
  • Counteracting the Influence of Teachers’ Unions
  • Implementation of Parental Notification Policies, and more!

As we move into Day 2 of the Summit, we will convene at the Capitol for face-to-face discussions with legislators in their offices, alongside informative sessions led by education policy experts and legislative aides.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity by using the promotional code PARENTUNION.

Catch a glimpse of the highlights from last year’s Parents, Not Partisans Legislative Summit here.