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Deion Sanders: The best high school football players come from Florida


For as long as high school sports have existed, there have been arguments about from where the best players hail. Is it Texas? California? Georgia? NFL legend and Colorado head coach Deion Sanders weighed in when he appeared on the podcast in March.


The discussion began when Sanders was asked the age-old question: “Where do the best kids in the country, the toughest dogs kids in the country, come from?”

Coach Prime answered Florida immediately before elaborating.

“I think the best football, high school-wise is played in Texas, but the dogs, man that’s Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, those states,” he said.

Hailing from North Fort Myers High School (Fla.) and playing at Florida State surely creates some bias for the Hall of Fame cornerback, but he has first-hand experience evaluating high school talent too. He co-founded the now-defunct Prime Prep Academy, coached at Triple A Academy, and was an offensive coordinator for his sons’ teams at Trinity Christian High School in Texas.

Sanders moved to the collegiate level to be head coach of Jackson State in 2020, where he spent three seasons before shifting to the University of Colorado in 2023. Recruits have flocked to him at both stops, including former No. 1 recruit Travis Hunter choosing the HBCU and then following Sanders to Boulder.

With schools like IMG Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Miami Central, Chaminade-Madonna and others all in Florida, there is a plethora of top-tier talent in the Sunshine State.

According to the , in 2023 more players came from Florida than any other state except Texas. The Lone Star State led the league as the home of the alma mater of 187 players, with Florida at 178. California was slightly behind at 173, and Georgia, with 150, was the only other state with more than 100. Louisiana was seventh with 64.

Sanders may not have settled the debate, but it’s tough to argue when your opponent is Coach Prime.