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– Top Rankings Awarded to CU Denver Online Bachelor’s and Graduate Programs by 2024 U.S. News & World Report

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) has once again been recognized for its outstanding online bachelor’s and graduate programs in the 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings. CU Denver’s online graduate programs in [specific field] and [specific field] have consistently been top performers in this annual evaluation. This year, the university’s cumulative online bachelor’s programs have also made their mark, underscoring CU Denver’s commitment to providing diverse educational opportunities for learners at all stages of their academic journey.

Inclusive Educational Approach

At CU Denver, a strong emphasis is placed on social mobility, influencing decisions related to curriculum design and instructional delivery methods. The university is dedicated to becoming a trailblazer as an equity-serving institution, prioritizing the delivery of high-quality programs tailored to the preferences of our students, whether they opt for in-person, online, or hybrid learning formats.

CU Denver’s online programs are designed to offer flexible learning schedules while ensuring students have access to top-tier researchers and professors. This flexibility is instrumental in overcoming obstacles that learners often encounter when balancing work, family commitments, and educational aspirations.

Leading the Way in Graduate Online Education in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region

Explore Your Options

The School of Education & Human Development at CU Denver boasts a comprehensive selection of over 40 fully online undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. These programs cover a wide array of specializations such as education, leadership for educational equity, human development and family relations, mathematics, and learning design.

The [specific program] has been ranked as the top program in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region, highlighting its focus on innovation and strategic partnerships to equip graduates with the skills needed for the dynamic educational landscape.

This program plays a pivotal role in addressing the critical shortage of educators in urban and rural communities, thereby fulfilling a crucial need in the local and national workforce. As Colorado’s sole public urban research university, CU Denver is uniquely positioned to bridge this gap by empowering individuals with the necessary qualifications to advance their careers.

Dr. Marvin Lynn, the Dean of CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development, remarked, “Our portfolio of online educational programs continues to expand. This year, we introduced three new fully online concentrations to our educational doctorate, further enriching the offerings available at our institution.”

CU Denver’s online graduate education programs cater to professionals seeking flexible learning opportunities in various domains, enabling them to evolve into:

  • Educators spanning the spectrum from infants to university students
  • Community service professionals
  • Experts in learning, design, and technology
  • Leaders and administrators in education and nonprofit sectors
  • Program evaluators and researchers
  • Champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our commitment to online education is paramount as it amplifies the global impact of our scholars’ exceptional teaching and research, while accommodating the diverse needs of our busy student body.

—Dr. Marvin Lynn, Dean of CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development

Our programs consistently strive to enhance inclusivity and innovation in online learning platforms, nurturing the next generation of leaders and collaborators in educational institutions, diverse communities, and research environments across undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate levels. Additionally, we offer an alternative teacher licensure program and flexible continuing education options for professionals.

Flexibility and Specialization in the Online Master of Criminal Justice Program

The online master’s program in criminal justice offered by the School of Public Affairs at CU Denver has secured the top spot nationally for the sixth consecutive year.

This program equips students with the skills to manage, analyze, evaluate, and drive enhancements in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. With a strong focus on research and innovation in crime prevention and control, the curriculum emphasizes the development of competencies for effecting individual, organizational, and societal change. Students also have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as crime analysis (disasters, hazards, and emergency management), emergency management, and homeland security.

The collaborative nature of our program fosters a rich learning environment where students contribute their unique insights and experiences alongside our esteemed faculty members, enhancing the overall educational experience.

—Dr. Paul Teske, Dean of the School of Public Affairs

Empowering Change

The School of Public Affairs at CU Denver is dedicated to preparing future leaders, innovators, and collaborators for the challenges of tomorrow.

Graduates of the program are well-prepared to pursue diverse roles in various agencies and leadership positions within the criminal justice sector. Alumni have found success in law enforcement, corrections, court-related professions, investigations, crime analysis, probation and parole, advocacy roles, think tanks, and more.

Recognizing CU Denver’s Commitment to Inclusive Education

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