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### Unlocking Longevity and Wellness in Costa Rica


San Jose, Turrialba, La Fortuna, Nicoya, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Program Description

Costa Rica: Formula for Longevity and Optimal Wellness (FLOW)

Prepare to delve into the marvels of Costa Rica and fully immerse yourself in the essence of Pura Vida (Pure Life). This comprehensive journey will introduce you to the lifestyle practices that foster longevity and joy. Throughout this interdisciplinary adventure, participants will discover the agricultural richness and vibrant cultural heritage that influence Costa Rica’s dietary habits and economy. Engage in a blend of wilderness exploration and beach relaxation, including rainforest hikes, sound therapy sessions, yoga sessions, meditation, and contemplative beach moments. Gain insights into conservation initiatives and health advocacy across diverse Costa Rican communities.

This program unites students with interests in health and mathematics for a three-week study abroad experience, where they will explore the social determinants of health and the mathematical aspects of wellness promotion. Topics will encompass behaviors related to energy balance such as physical activity, nutrition, and rest. The initial phase focuses on either health or math theories through lectures, readings, guest talks, videos, and excursions. The subsequent phase involves practical immersion in these principles through additional lectures, readings, data analysis, tours, fieldwork, and engaging activities like farm visits, culinary workshops, hiking, yoga, meditation, and environmental conservation efforts. In the final phase, participants will reflect on their learnings and collaborate to devise interdisciplinary wellness plans spanning the program’s four core courses.

Throughout the program, students will merge health, mathematics, and statistical concepts to deepen their understanding of these principles and embrace the art of embracing the FLOW.

Location Description

Costa Rica stands as a tropical haven, renowned for its verdant landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and profound insights into health and well-being. As you uncover the treasures of Costa Rica’s culture and natural splendor, you’ll explore the lifestyle elements that nurture a holistic existence grounded in purpose, community, and ecological stewardship. From the pristine shores to the lush jungles, Costa Rica offers a transformative study abroad encounter where you’ll not only learn about the nation’s unique ecology but also glean valuable lessons on well-being and contentment.


Celestine Woodruff | [email protected] | Mathematics & Statistics

Ailton (Santo) Coleman | [email protected] | Health Sciences


Students will be accommodated in various lodging options, including dormitory-style residences on a college campus, hostels, or eco lodges with internet access and shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Double room sharing is expected for all students.

The program fee covers all meals, with communal meals prepared in shared kitchen spaces. Costs for communal dining are included in the program fee.

Additional Items to Consider

Prior coursework is mandatory before the trip.

Certain activities entail moderate physical activity, such as rainforest hikes, yoga, and walking. It is advisable to bring a raincoat or light waterproof jacket due to the rainy season. Sturdy footwear like hiking boots or sneakers is recommended.

Students are required to bring laptops. Those without one should still apply, and accommodations will be arranged if needed.

The electrical outlets and voltage are compatible with North American standards.

While Spanish language proficiency is not compulsory, basic knowledge of Spanish would be advantageous.

Applicant Criteria

Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The program is open to students of all academic levels and majors, including graduate students.

Application Process

This list provides an overview of the application requirements. To apply, students must complete the following steps:

  • Submit the Study Abroad Online Application (with a $40 fee)
  • Write a Short Essay
  • Provide a Resume
  • List Academic References
  • Attend a mandatory program info session

Detailed instructions for these application components will be provided upon logging in.