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### Safeguarding DC’s Effective Educational Transformations: A Call for Congressional Intervention

Congress should intervene to safeguard the successful education reforms in Washington, DC, according to an opinion piece on The Hill.

The author emphasizes the critical role of education in shaping the nation, particularly highlighting the transformation in the District of Columbia. Many families opted out of the traditional public school system, which they deemed inadequate, in favor of the newly revitalized public charter schools.

Having championed the establishment and expansion of high-performing public charter schools during their tenure in the U.S. Senate, the author reflects on the pivotal role of charter schools in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. They stress the importance of educational options and parental choice, especially for families facing financial constraints.

Expressing concern over proposed limitations on public charter schools in DC due to “public impact assessment” considerations, the author argues that such restrictions undermine the choices made by numerous parents in the District. They advocate for prioritizing the needs of children and parents over bureaucratic evaluations.

Highlighting the significance of middle school education as a foundation for future success, the author underscores the community impact and quality of public charter schools. They urge for increased investment in successful educational models and support for schools striving to educate students from diverse backgrounds.

In conclusion, the author calls for continued bipartisan support for public charter schools and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing student needs over bureaucratic obstacles. They urge Congress to review any initiatives that may hinder educational progress and reaffirm their commitment to ensuring quality education for all children.

Mary Landrieu, a former U.S. senator from Louisiana, authored this piece.

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