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### Enhancing School Spirit: The Ultimate Display at Marion County Stands

CHARLESTON — The AAA girls basketball quarterfinal at the Civic Center was a highly anticipated event. Teams No. 1 East Fairmont and No. 8 Weir hit the court for warm-ups, with supporters from both sides filling the stands.

A noticeable contrast in fan turnout was evident between the two teams. East Fairmont’s fan section, situated behind their bench, appeared to be twice the size of Weir’s opposite section. Additionally, East Fairmont boasted a sizable student contingent at one end of the court.

The sheer size of East Fairmont’s crowd easily overshadowed the cheers from Weir’s supporters. Despite the relatively empty stands, the atmosphere felt distinctly in favor of East Fairmont, resembling a home game for them.

Senior Kenly Rogers acknowledged the overwhelming community support during the post-game press conference, reflecting on the team’s historic win in the state tournament.

Rogers expressed, “I grew up at East, so seeing this program be completely flipped around just by the attitude of our coaches and the attitude of our girls and the support from our community is absolutely terrific. It’s really cool to be a part of that.”

The enthusiasm surrounding the Bees’ basketball team has been remarkable. The games at East Fairmont this season have witnessed some of the most electrifying atmospheres, notably the packed gym during the Jan. 30 game against the then No. 3 ranked Lewis County.

This fervor is just a glimpse of the immense support Marion County extends to its high school sports teams, particularly evident during football season with packed stands at intra-county games.

While football and basketball draw significant attention, other sports also enjoy strong backing from dedicated fans. Soccer matches at East-West Stadium and wrestling events in Huntington saw considerable turnout, showcasing the community’s passion for various sporting disciplines.

The spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie transcends school boundaries within Marion County. Fans often display support for multiple schools, emphasizing the collective backing for all teams within the county.

As the winter sports season concludes, the anticipation builds for the forthcoming spring sports events, with baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, and track and field teams gearing up for their seasons, buoyed by the unwavering support of the Marion County community. Here’s to another season of success and spirited competition!