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### Greek Protest Against Education Reform Sparks Violent Clashes

Greek University Students Clash with Riot Police in Athens Protest

ATHENS – Masked protesters wielding red flags engaged in a brief confrontation with Greek police outside parliament on Thursday. The clash occurred amidst demonstrations opposing a proposed bill that would permit the establishment of private foreign universities within Greece.

Earlier in the day, thousands of students and protestors marched peacefully through central Athens, with some displaying banners proclaiming: “Oppose the privatization of public education!”.

Following the procession past parliament, a faction splintered off and clashed with law enforcement. According to a police official, officers faced aggression and retaliated by dispersing tear gas to control the situation.

Subsequently, local media outlets reported incidents of arson involving garbage containers in the Exarchia district of the capital, a renowned area among students.

The conservative administration led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has introduced an education reform bill aimed at facilitating the establishment of foreign university branches in Greece. Proponents argue that these institutions will enhance the educational landscape.

Conversely, critics contend that such a move could diminish the value of degrees conferred by public universities in Greece and lead to further reductions in state funding for public education.

Parliament is scheduled to conduct a vote on the bill later this month.