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### Showcase of Cincinnati’s Top Public High School Basketball Athletes

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Although the basketball season has concluded for high school athletes throughout Ohio, the elite players within Cincinnati Public Schools showcased their talents on the court once more.

Key Highlights

  • The CPS All-Star Showcase highlights the skills of both boys and girls basketball players.
  • This annual event is organized by the University of Cincinnati for the third consecutive year.
  • Not only does the showcase exhibit exceptional talent, but it also serves as a fundraiser for Project Connect, a program aiding students facing homelessness challenges.

The third edition of the CPS All-Star Showcase took place at the University of Cincinnati’s arena, featuring top-tier athletes from public schools. The participants engaged in various competitions, including three-point shooting, dunk contests, dribbling challenges, and shooting skills exhibitions.

Moreover, the event encompassed exciting all-star games for both boys and girls, along with captivating cheerleading performances.

Jack Miner, UC’s vice-provost for enrollment management, highlighted the significance of the occasion, mentioning that it provides an opportunity for players and their families to explore the university. He emphasized that for many individuals in Cincinnati, attending this event might be their initial exposure to UC’s campus, as they may not typically attend sports games or other university activities.

Apart from showcasing their skills to college scouts, the players contributed to a noble cause by supporting Project Connect, an initiative aiding homeless and vulnerable students within Cincinnati public schools. Last year’s event successfully raised $15,000 for this charitable endeavor.