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### Exploring Top Schools: Christian Thatcher’s Experience at KU


Traveled to the region at the end of April to explore Kansas and Missouri. The highly rated linebacker is no stranger to the area, as his mother previously resided in Kansas City.

During his visit to Kansas, Thatcher attended a practice session after the commencement of spring football. He toured the campus, witnessing the ongoing construction for the upgrades at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

Describing his impression, Thatcher remarked, “I must say, Kansas boasts one of the most picturesque campuses we have visited. The architectural beauty and overall ambiance are truly remarkable. I am aware that the stadium and the upcoming facilities will be of the highest quality.”

He has been engaging in discussions with linebackers coach Chris Simpson, establishing a strong rapport with him.

Thatcher expressed his appreciation for Coach Simpson, stating, “Coach Simpson is a joy to be around. He is someone I admire and would welcome the opportunity to be coached by. Upon assessing the linebacker team, I believe it is a place where I could potentially make an early impact.”

“We communicate regularly. Coach and I have developed a solid bond, conversing three to four times a week either over the phone or via text. Our interactions are frequent and meaningful,” he added.

Thatcher acknowledged Greg Svarczkopf, the Director of Recruiting, for guiding him through the area and the program.

He has scheduled official visits to both Kansas and Missouri, and also made a stop in Columbia to meet with the Tigers’ coaching staff.

Regarding Missouri, he noted, “Their facilities are top-notch and well-established. The caliber of athletes they attract and the program they run are truly impressive. Competing in the SEC and finishing with an 11-2 record, there are notable similarities. The coaches are welcoming, they are actively recruiting me, and they are aware of my family ties in the area, making it a strong contender for us to consider relocating.”

Thatcher revealed that he has identified six schools as his top choices, including Kansas, Missouri, USC, Utah, Colorado, and Washington. While this list is subject to adjustments due to ongoing interactions with college recruiters visiting Arbor View High School.

He emphasized the fluidity of the selection process, mentioning, “There have been schools that were initially at the forefront, but circumstances such as coaching changes have prompted revisions. I aim to maintain receptiveness during the recruitment phase, although there is a cluster of schools that have emerged as frontrunners.”

“As college coaches engage with us during the spring, new opportunities may arise,” Thatcher explained. “While additional offers may surface, I have narrowed down my focus to these six schools. They are the ones I plan to visit in the spring, constituting my current top choices.”

Looking ahead, he shared, “Our spring activities revolve around touring campuses, observing practices, evaluating the treatment received, among other aspects. Subsequently, we will embark on official visits, anticipating a positive experience regardless of the destination.”