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### Concerns Raised by Chester County Parents Over Approved School District Redistricting Plan

MALVERN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – The Great Valley School District in Chester County discussed its redistricting plans on Monday night, with families advocating for fairness before the vote that could impact hundreds of students by sending them to different schools.

During the meeting at Great Valley High School, parents expressed their concerns about the proposed changes, emphasizing the importance of maintaining neighborhood cohesion and minimizing disruptions to bus travel times. The board ultimately voted unanimously in favor of option 1A, which will affect approximately 179 students.

Under this plan, 145 students will be transferred from KD Markley Elementary School to Charlestown Elementary, while 34 students will move from General Wayne Elementary School to KD Markley. The district aims to address issues related to classroom capacity and student distribution among schools, taking into account new housing developments in the area.

District officials reassured that the realignment aims to prevent the division of neighborhoods and ensure that bus travel times remain consistent or potentially shorter than before. The implementation of the new plan is scheduled for the fall of 2024, preparing for the upcoming school year.

Some parents expressed concerns about the potential longer commutes resulting from the redistricting, highlighting the impact on families, especially in terms of time and resources. However, proponents of the change pointed out the existing strong ESL program at KD Markley, emphasizing the resources available for English as a second language learners at the school.

In response to the decision, the Great Valley School District released a statement emphasizing their commitment to supporting students and families through the transition to their new elementary schools. They underscored the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, particularly focusing on providing support to non-English-speaking families to ensure accessibility and relevance of information and activities.

The Great Valley School District’s statement on the matter reads:

“The Great Valley School District is dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for our students and families as they move to their new elementary schools, ensuring a sense of welcome and comfort throughout the process. We understand the significance of a child’s elementary school experience and the relationships formed with teachers and peers. With the boundary realignment decision finalized, we are committed to planning for these transitions effectively. Our focus remains on supporting families with diverse language backgrounds, ensuring that information and activities are inclusive and meaningful. Our goal is for all students to feel valued and embraced in their school environment, regardless of the physical location. We are eager to embark on this essential journey ahead.”

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