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### Analyzing the Best Educational Institutions with Charles White

The Kansas Jayhawks have been focusing on recruiting defensive players to strengthen their defense, which has struggled recently. They have seen success in the Detroit, MI area.

One standout prospect is three-star linebacker Charles White, the highest-rated player in his position in Michigan. He recently revealed his top four schools: Kansas, Michigan State, Purdue, and Boston College.

Among these options, Kansas is particularly keen on recruiting White for the linebacker position. His interest in the school has been growing, making him a priority for the coaching staff. Here are the current odds, according to ON3, of each school landing him:

  • Michigan State: 37.9%
  • Purdue: 33.1%
  • Kansas: 21.5%
  • Boston College: Less than 1%

White currently plays football at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s High School in West Bloomfield, Michigan. In a recent interview with Blue Wings Rising, he shared insights about each of his top school choices:

  • Michigan State: White appreciates the proximity to home, his long-time admiration for the team, the impressive facilities, and his strong rapport with the coaching staff.
  • Kansas: He values Kansas’s history of recruiting in his area and his positive relationship with Coach Simpson.
  • Purdue: White is drawn to the picturesque campus and his close connections with many members of the coaching staff.
  • Boston College: The presence of former St. Mary’s player Kam Arnold, the appealing campus, and his positive relationships with the coaches make Boston College an attractive option.

Before unveiling his top schools, White discussed various topics, including the recruiting pitch from Coach Simpson:

“His pitch to me is that I’m a very versatile player and he likes the physicality that I have and bring.”

White is scheduled to visit Lawrence in early June, following a visit to Michigan State on June 7th.