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### Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, Charles Rozek, Announces Retirement This Summer

After over forty years of dedicated service to the Case Western Reserve University community, Charles Rozek, the vice provost and dean of graduate studies, will be retiring on June 30. Since 2004, Rozek has been at the helm of the university’s School of Graduate Studies.

Expressing his sentiments about stepping down, Rozek stated, “I believe that there comes a time when fresh ideas and perspectives can enhance the progress of the university. Handing over the leadership will facilitate this enhancement.”

Upon retirement, Rozek looks forward to spending quality time with his wife, Sue—whom he met at Case Western Reserve—and their golden retriever, Mayzie. He also mentioned his plans to have his 1973 Corvette restored for leisurely drives. Gardening, woodworking, art collection, and travel will be among the activities that will fill their days.

Rozek’s journey at Case Western Reserve began in 1983 as an assistant professor of biology, shortly after the university’s inauguration. Over the years, he has witnessed significant changes within the institution.

Reflecting on his tenure, Rozek highlighted the increased focus on meeting the needs of graduate students for success, emphasizing effective advising, mentoring, and mental health support.

Among his notable achievements are the establishment of an annual awards ceremony for graduate students, enhancements in graduate student education through improved mentoring and reviews, and the creation of a Professional Development Center. He also dedicated efforts to enrich the experiences of postdoctoral fellows and scholars.

Provost and Executive Vice President Joy K. Ward commended Rozek’s contributions, stating, “Our campus and community have benefited from Chuck’s guidance both as a faculty member and as a leader. During his long career, he has always put students first, and he leaves behind a strong legacy of advancements in graduate education.”

Originally from Michigan, Rozek kickstarted his career as a postdoctoral research associate at the California Institute of Technology under the mentorship of Norman Davidson. In 1983, drawn by the university’s Developmental Biology Center and leadership in the field, he joined Case Western Reserve as a professor of biology.

Rozek expressed gratitude for the support of his colleagues, acknowledging their role in his success. He recognized the dedication and hard work of the administrative staff that contributed to the institution’s growth and prosperity.

A formal recognition of Rozek’s achievements is planned for a gathering later this year.

Faculty and Staff Reactions to Charles Rozek’s Retirement Announcement:

“Hillel Chiel, a professor in the Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, praised Chuck’s selflessness and dedication, citing his instrumental role in various initiatives within the department. Nancy DiIulio, an instructor in the same department, acknowledged Chuck’s unwavering support and prompt action in addressing needs. Don Feke, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic & Faculty Affairs, lauded Chuck’s impactful leadership in advancing support and services for graduate students and programs. Rachel E. Begley, director of the Professional Development Center, appreciated Chuck’s trust in his team, empowering them to excel and innovate in their roles, ultimately enhancing services for postdoctoral scholars and fellows.”