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### Boosting MSB’s Business School Rankings through Capstone MBA Program

The McDonough School of Business (MSB) at Georgetown University recently earned a position among the top 26 institutions recognized for excellence in business education by a nonprofit organization on February 13th.

Georgetown’s MSB received accolades from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) as part of its Innovations That Inspire initiative. This program acknowledges institutions that excel in business education with a focus on innovation, creativity, global perspective, social responsibility, and practical experience opportunities. Specifically, Georgetown’s MSB was praised for its MBA Leadership Communication course’s culminating project, the MBA Executive Challenge, which involves students in simulated real-world business scenarios alongside alumni.

Evelyn Williams, the creator of the Executive Challenge and a teaching professor at Georgetown’s MSB, highlighted the practical problem-solving experiences and culture of innovation that the MBA Executive Challenge offers to students. She expressed pride in Georgetown’s recognition for its integration of innovation into impactful educational programs.

Andrés Romero, a graduate and case manager, emphasized the hands-on and interactive nature of the MBA Executive Challenge, providing students with valuable opportunities to interact with alumni and gain practical insights into the business landscape. Romero also pointed out the collaborative aspect of the challenge, involving more than 100 graduate judges to enhance students’ business acumen.

Juliana Olm, the assistant dean of strategy & operations for the MBA program, stressed the importance of the Executive Challenge in delivering a practical, case-study-centered learning experience that supersedes traditional exams. This approach enables students to connect with industry professionals and alumni, fostering crucial skills within a real-world business setting.

In conclusion, the MBA Executive Challenge stands out as a transformative event for both students and alumni, offering a platform for self-assessment, experiential learning, and hands-on application of business principles. This event not only enhances students’ competencies but also provides alumni with a valuable opportunity to engage with the future generation of business leaders.