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### Expert Tips for Securing Full Scholarships with a 2.2 GPA in the US, UK, or Canada

  • A young man’s aspiration to pursue higher education abroad on a scholarship is at a crossroads following his graduation from a public university with a second class lower degree.
  • Despite asserting his intellectual capabilities, he attributes his academic performance to the challenges of balancing his entrepreneurial endeavors during his university years and the discouragement faced from certain educators. He now seeks clarification on the feasibility of securing scholarships with a second class lower classification.
  • Addressing the query posed by the youth is Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, an accomplished scholar who has been awarded scholarships totaling $1 million across four continents and currently serves as a lecturer at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Prospects of Securing Scholarships with a Second Class Lower Degree:

“Greetings Legit. Kindly maintain my anonymity. I hail from a family of six as the eldest sibling originating from the South Eastern region of Nigeria, where I independently financed my education.

“My longstanding ambition has been to pursue advanced studies overseas through scholarship opportunities. Regrettably, my academic journey culminated in a second class lower division.

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“This outcome was influenced partly by my engagement in a printing business alongside my academic commitments, compounded by the unfavorable conduct of certain faculty members.

“I have been informed that the possibility exists to further my education abroad with my current academic standing. I urge you to validate this assertion promptly to guide my application process. Thank you.”

Insight into Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi’s Profile:

Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a native of Efon Alaaye in Ekiti State, Nigeria, holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

In 2020, Dr. Igbalajobi established , an educational technology platform that empowers students to explore and apply for scholarships while aiding educational institutions in recruitment endeavors. Recently, he assumed the role of Chancellor at Western Pinnacle University, an online-based institution in Canada.

Strategies to Enhance Scholarship Opportunities with a Second Class Lower Classification:

Securing fully-funded scholarships for academic pursuits in the United Kingdom and the United States remains feasible, although Canada may pose challenges.

Positioning Yourself for International Scholarships:

Do not allow a second class lower or third-class degree to deter your ambitions. Consider enrolling in a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) or Master’s program within your home country.

Numerous individuals with a second class lower undergraduate degree have successfully completed advanced degrees with distinction, opening doors to various scholarship prospects abroad.

Strengthening Research Credentials:

Augment your research acumen. Cultivating a robust and substantive research portfolio significantly bolsters your chances of securing scholarships.

Examination Consideration:

Contemplate undertaking standardized tests like the GRE or GMAT.

These assessments serve as additional indicators of your academic aptitude and can positively influence scholarship applications.

Faculty Endorsement:

Solicit endorsement from a faculty member. Certain Principal Investigators (PIs) may overlook a lower CGPA if you possess pertinent practical experience and garner support from a professor.

Academic Publication:

Publish a peer-reviewed academic paper or article. This act can serve as a writing sample demonstrating your proficiency in scholarly writing.

Exploration of Opportunities:

Remain vigilant for scholarships that place less emphasis on CGPA. Examples include SI scholarships, CSC (China), and the Australian Awards.

Scholarships for Second Class Lower or Third-Class Graduates:

In a previous report by, three scholarships tailored for individuals with a second class lower or third-class degree were highlighted.

The Australia Awards Scholarship emerges as one of the most generous scholarships extended by Australia.

Its primary aim is to foster African development by granting 1,000 eligible African students, including Nigerians, access to premium education and training opportunities.

The Australia Award Scholarship program encompasses the Australian Awards Scholarships for master’s degree studies and the Australia Awards Short Courses designed for concise yet intensive professional development courses with a developmental focus.

Disclaimer: The guidance provided in this article is of a general nature and does not intend to influence readers’ financial decisions or investments. It is advisable for individuals to seek personalized professional advice considering their unique circumstances before making any financial choices.

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