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### Revival of Cooling-Off Period Debate as Calcutta Judge Joins BJP

Delay in Reforming Medical Education

An important opportunity to revamp medical education has been postponed for two years by the health ministry, citing it as ‘unrealistic’. The National Medical Commission had implemented stricter regulations for colleges, courses, and MBBS seats last year. It is unfortunate that the implementation of these new measures, which aimed to enhance standards and quality, has been delayed.

Controversy Surrounding Calcutta Judge’s BJP Affiliation

The decision of Calcutta High Court Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay to join the BJP immediately after retiring has reignited the discussion on the necessity of a cooling-off period for judges. Engaging in a political role shortly after leaving judicial office can compromise the credibility of the judiciary and erode public trust. It is crucial for the judiciary to maintain a non-partisan image to uphold its integrity and impartiality.