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### Report: Bloomington Ranks Among Top College Towns in the Midwest

Bloomington is the third-best college town in the Midwest, according to the rent search and database website RentCafe.

Bloomington ranked behind only Athens, Ohio, and East Lansing, Michigan.

The ranking of the best college towns in America in 2024 considered cities/towns with a population between 10,000 to 300,000 that had at least one college or university and a student population of 10% or more.

These towns were evaluated based on 12 metrics across three key categories: affordability, livability, and education. Affordability factors included tuition fees, the percentage of students receiving financial aid, and the cost of living in the county. Livability criteria encompassed the proportion of the population in their 20s and the percentage of individuals with higher education. The education category focused on factors such as student-to-faculty ratio and graduation rates.

Known nationwide as a quintessential college town for its five-time national championship-winning basketball team and the iconic Gothic buildings of IU, Bloomington continues to solidify its reputation with supporting data.

Bloomington’s Rankings

While the West region dominated the top rankings with eight of the top 20 college towns, Bloomington secured the 14th spot overall in the country. It stood out as the only town in Indiana to make it to the top 50 list (with Purdue’s West Lafayette ranking 73rd).

According to the report, the top five college towns in the US are Athens, OH (Ohio University), East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University), Bloomington, Oxford, OH (Miami University), and Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan).

Factors Contributing to Bloomington’s Ranking

RentCafe’s methodology considered various factors such as student-to-faculty ratio, the proportion of the population with higher education, and the percentage of students receiving financial aid.

Bloomington’s impressive ranking in the top 20 can be attributed to factors like IU’s esteemed academic reputation, competitive in-state tuition rates, and a significant percentage of the population aged 20-29 (33%).

Moreover, Bloomington boasts a highly educated community, with 58% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree.

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