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Best public high schools in Ohio: Report


(WJW) – Are you sending your children to one of the best high schools in the country?

 recently released their  and found that four local districts rank among the Top 10 in Ohio, but when compared to schools across the country, not a single high school in Ohio made the Top 100 list.

According to the review, schools were ranked on factors such as; state test scores, college readiness, underserved student performance, and graduation rate. The rankings included data on nearly 18,000 public high schools.

According to the report, in Ohio,  ranked no. 4 in the state,  came in at no. 5, is no. 7 and is no. 9.

The top high school in Ohio was determined to be  in Cincinnati. The school ranked 118 in the nation.

The complete list of Ohio’s best public high schools can be found, .

The report determined the best public high school in the nation is  in Peoria, Arizona.

You can find the complete list, of top public high schools in the U.S., .

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