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### Top Humanitarian Leader Announces Retirement from Mashpee School Superintendent Role

In a statement released on Thursday, DeBoer announced her retirement, expressing gratitude for her professional journey and the experiences she has had. DeBoer, who has been with the Mashpee Public Schools for nearly three decades, serving in various roles including teacher, building administrator, and superintendent, highlighted the support of the community, staff, and students throughout her tenure.

Having served as Superintendent since December 2016, DeBoer’s decision to retire was a difficult one made in consultation with her family over Easter weekend. Despite facing some controversy during her time as superintendent, including a violation of campaign finance law and incidents involving students that sparked community concern, DeBoer remained committed to effecting positive change within the school system.

Looking ahead, the Mashpee School Committee, under the leadership of chair Cathy Lewis, is actively engaging in the process of selecting the next superintendent. Emphasizing the importance of experience, leadership, and vision in the candidate selection, Lewis highlighted the involvement of volunteers from the school and local community in the decision-making process.

In her retirement announcement, DeBoer expressed her deep connection to the Mashpee community and reiterated her dedication to the students who have been an integral part of her life’s journey. As she transitions into retirement, DeBoer affirmed that the memories and relationships forged in Mashpee will always hold a special place in her heart.