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### Top Biology Laboratory Tools for Students and Schools

Lab sciences are a popular choice among many students, particularly those who enjoy practical hands-on experience. We have compiled a selection of the finest biology laboratory tools and materials, all sourced from reputable suppliers.

Biology Lab Safety Gear

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Protective Gloves

While disposable gloves are widely available, ensure they are latex-free and resistant to chemicals. It’s advisable to have various sizes on hand to accommodate all students comfortably.

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Spill Containment Kit

Different types of spills necessitate specific control measures. This kit includes sand, acid neutralizer, and a highly absorbent material designed to manage most laboratory spills effectively.

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Microscopes and Optical Instruments

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Digital Camera Microscope

Ideal for classroom use, this microscope enables teachers to capture images for educational purposes or connect it to a laptop to display live images during lessons.

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Slide Preparation Kits

These sets facilitate the preparation of samples for microscopic examination, available with glass or plastic slides.

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Stereoscopic Viewer

When examining larger specimens, a stereoscope offers more workspace than a standard microscope. This user-friendly model features a large digital display for easy sharing with the entire class.

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Magnifying Loupe

Sometimes, a simple magnifying glass suffices. This model includes LED lighting for enhanced visibility when observing objects up close.

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Biology Laboratory Tools

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Test Tube Rack and Accessories

This set includes essential tools such as a six-hole test tube rack, test tube brush, clamp, tongs, scoop, spatula, and forceps.

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Dissection Instruments

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Dissection Pans

Essential for biology labs, these wax-filled trays are economical options suitable for classrooms requiring multiple prepared trays.

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Dissection Tool Kit

These comprehensive sets provide students with the necessary tools for dissection, including scalpels, forceps, pins, and probes.

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Dissection Pins

An essential supply for various dissection procedures, this set of T-pins in different sizes offers affordability and versatility for classroom use.

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Sterile Specimen Containers

For sensitive applications requiring sterile conditions, these sealed cups help prevent cross-contamination. They can be washed and reused for general specimen collection.

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Ensure accurate temperature readings with digital pocket thermometers. This compact version includes a protective case for the probe.

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This precise pocket scale is affordable and ideal for classroom use. Available in two sizes, it is suitable for all students.

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Hot Plate/Stirrer

An inexpensive hot plate with a sensor fixing rod and stir rod is perfect for heating samples in school laboratories.

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This basic lab incubator is ideal for nurturing eggs, cultures, and other biological specimens in school biology labs.

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For both heating and cooling requirements, this laboratory refrigerator features multiple shelves and a glass door for convenient visibility of stored items.

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Sterilizing instruments is essential in biology labs, and an autoclave offers a safer and more efficient method than boiling. Explore this cost-effective option for your lab needs.

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While not mandatory for every school lab, a centrifuge is indispensable for numerous experiments and demonstrations. Choose between analog and digital models based on your budget and requirements.

Once your biology lab is fully equipped, don’t forget to check out the additional resources available!

Also, explore more options to enhance your laboratory experience.