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### Top 10 Nationwide Ranking: Bentley Alumni’s Impressive Earnings Decade Post-Graduation

According to data from the HEA Group, Bentley University alumni are among the top earners in the United States a decade after completing their education. The analysis, based on information from the U.S. Department of Education and encompassing more than 5 million former students across 3,887 higher education institutions nationwide, places Bentley in the top decile for median incomes of graduates ten years post-graduation. This places Bentley’s alumni ahead of those from prestigious universities like Yale, Columbia, and Harvard.

These results align with Bentley’s consistent recognition in various data-driven reports, highlighting the substantial return on investment that the university offers. In a recent [ppp1] report, Bentley secured the 4th position among colleges with the highest-earning alumni ten years after graduation, surpassing institutions such as Stanford, Princeton, and Georgetown.