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## Bates College Sees Surge in Applications for the Class of 2028

The upcoming cohort arriving at Bates College in August will be selected from the largest pool of applicants in the institution’s history, totaling 10,029 applications. This marks the third consecutive year of record-high application numbers at Bates.

Statistical Overview

Bates College has witnessed a surge in applications over the past three years:

  • Class of 2026: 8,273 applications
  • Class of 2027: 8,937 applications
  • Class of 2028: 10,029 applications

Leigh Weisenburger, the vice president for enrollment and dean of admission and financial aid, stated, “Bates continues to effectively attract a diverse pool of applicants both domestically and internationally, resonating with individuals across various regions.”

Throughout 2023, spanning from winter to fall, the admission team extensively visited numerous high schools and engaged in over 300 college fairs and events across 26 states and 14 countries to connect with students, families, and counselors.

The Regular Decision offers of admission for the Class of 2028 will be extended by April 1. Combining these offers with the Early Decision enrollments, Bates anticipates an incoming class of approximately 500 students.

President Garry W. Jenkins expressed, “As a new president at Bates, having undergone an experience akin to the admission process last year, I can attest to the allure of Bates—our values, culture, and exceptional community. We are delighted that a record number of talented and accomplished prospective students have recognized the value of a Bates education and are eager to become part of our vibrant community.”

Jenkins further emphasized, “The undergraduate education experience at Bates, characterized by its selectivity and residential liberal arts approach, sets a gold standard. We excel in providing an educational environment where students can truly learn, evolve, and prosper both inside and outside the classroom. We eagerly await the arrival of an exceptional Class of 2028 in the upcoming semester.”

In terms of U.S. applications, Bates received representation from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with increased applications from Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Southern states. Globally, the applicant pool represents 138 countries, with a notable 25% increase in applications from U.S. and international first-generation college students.

Weisenburger highlighted, “The growing interest in Bates, reflected in the rising number of applications from diverse and accomplished students, indicates the college’s appeal as a highly sought-after educational institution.”

The incoming Class of 2028 will benefit from an institutional need-based grant allocation totaling $12 million, with over 40% of incoming students expected to receive this crucial financial aid.

Weisenburger concluded, “The heightened interest from a diverse and talented global student body serves as tangible evidence of Bates’ standing in the higher education landscape as a preferred destination for an exceptional, inclusive, and transformative educational journey.”

Fun Fact

Here is the comprehensive list of the 138 countries represented in this year’s applicant pool at Bates College, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.