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### Exploring Baltimore as a Favorable Study Abroad Option for Indian Students

Baltimore presents a compelling option for Indian students considering studying abroad, boasting a plethora of esteemed universities such as Johns Hopkins University, renowned worldwide for its exceptional research and medical initiatives, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), recognized for its diverse range of high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs.

Living Expenses

In contrast to other major U.S. cities, Baltimore offers a more budget-friendly cost of living, enabling students to manage their expenses more effectively, covering essentials like accommodation, meals, and transportation. The city serves as a hub for various sectors including government, healthcare, finance, and technology. Numerous universities in the vicinity maintain strong connections with local businesses, presenting abundant internship prospects. These internships not only furnish valuable practical experience but also facilitate the expansion of professional networks.


8 Noteworthy Institutions in Baltimore, USA

S.No. University Name Application Fee (Approx.) Tuition Fee (UG, PG)
1 Loyola University Maryland USD $60 USD \(13,000 – \)18,000
2 Maryland Institute College Of Art USD $70 USD \(13,000 – \)18,000
3 Goucher College USD $55 USD \(13,000 – \)18,000
4 University Of Baltimore USD $35 USD \(13,000 – \)18,000
5 Morgan State University USD $70 USD \(58,530 – \)79,740
6 University Of Maryland Baltimore USD $75 USD \(19,311 – \)22,280
7 Johns Hopkins University USD $90 USD \(58,000 – \)75,467
8 University Of Maryland Baltimore County USD $50 USD \(48,616 – \)67,423

Baltimore’s educational institutions offer a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs catering to various fields of interest. Whether your passion lies in medicine, law, business, engineering, the humanities, or the arts, you are likely to find a program that aligns with your aspirations. Below are some examples of programs available at Baltimore’s universities:

  • Johns Hopkins University is renowned for its excellence in medicine, public health, engineering, and international relations.

  • The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) enjoys global acclaim for its education in health-related disciplines, encompassing medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and social work.

  • Loyola University Maryland delivers a robust liberal arts education and also features professional programs in business, education, and nursing.


Kindly note that the fee estimates provided are subject to change and are intended as approximations. We advise students and parents to consult the official websites of the respective universities for the most current and precise information regarding application procedures and tuition fees.