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### Dr. Ronald Campbell Marks 99th Birthday with Back-to-School Celebration at MCCC

— President Emeritus Dr. Ronald Campbell, born on March 12, 1925, joyously celebrated his 99th birthday surrounded by loved ones at the La-Z-Boy Center atrium. The event was graced by Kojo Quartey, the current president of MCCC, who warmly welcomed the attendees and highlighted Campbell’s remarkable achievements.

Commencing his tenure as the inaugural president of the college at the age of 39, Campbell witnessed the official commencement of construction for the college in June 1966. Notably, the site along Raisinville Road was once vast farmland, underscoring the transformative journey of the institution.

Reflecting on his early days, Campbell candidly shared with The Monroe Evening News in 1984, “I came here with great anticipation but also a good deal of trepidation. There was nothing here … it was scary.”

Presently residing in Illinois, Campbell graced the occasion alongside his son, Kevin, and daughter-in-law, Alice, engaging with guests and regaling in shared memories as he strolled through the atrium. Subsequently, Quartey gathered everyone for a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” in honor of the esteemed former president.

Earlier Accounts:

In a lighthearted moment before blowing out the candles adorning his cake, Campbell playfully quipped with his guests, stating, “I’m 66 not 99. Thank you all for coming.”

Exclusive Update:

Later that evening, the Campbell family extended their presence to the Foundation at MCCC’s scholarship dinner on campus, where they engaged with both donors and recipients, fostering meaningful connections.

Expressing his gratitude post-celebration, Campbell remarked, “It was a wonderful experience to see everyone. I am honored.”