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### ASU Student Explores Antarctica in Study Abroad Adventure

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – Exploring remote destinations often leads to ongoing discoveries, offering valuable insights into our world and its inhabitants. Julysa Urrutia, a native of Yuma and a student at Arizona State University, embarked on a journey to Antarctica to study the marine wildlife thriving in that region.

Reflecting on her experience, Urrutia expressed awe at the surreal landscape of Antarctica, emphasizing how it humbled her by highlighting the lack of human dominance over the environment. As a sophomore specializing in pre-veterinary science, her passion for marine animals fueled her decision to pursue this field, driven by a desire to contribute to their well-being through medical assistance.

Despite the exhilarating plunge into the icy waters during her expedition, Urrutia humorously admitted that it was a one-time experience, likening the sensation to being pierced by countless needles. She shed light on the concerning impact of climate change on Antarctic wildlife, noting the observable shifts in their habitat due to rising temperatures and altered ecosystems.

Looking ahead, Julysa Urrutia’s next venture will take her to Africa this summer, where she plans to delve into the realms of wildlife conservation and sustainability, continuing her remarkable journey of exploration and learning.