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### Apply Now for the 2024-2025 Williams Southam Journalism Fellowships at Massey College

TORONTO, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The application period is now open for the 2023-2024 William Southam Journalism Fellowships. To learn more and submit your application, please visit:

Massey College upholds an inclusive and egalitarian ethos and welcomes applications from journalists belonging to historically marginalized communities.

The William Southam Journalism Fellowships target exceptional Canadian journalists in the middle of their careers. Recipients of the fellowship are granted the opportunity to spend a year at Massey College, the graduate college affiliated with the University of Toronto. The primary aim of this fellowship initiative is to foster advancements in journalism, providing journalists with a platform to broaden their perspectives through academic studies.

These fellowships are granted annually to Canadian journalists for a duration of one academic year, spanning from September to May. Candidates are selected based on their professional aptitude and potential to excel as proficient and ethical journalists.

Eligible applicants must be full-time employees engaged in news reporting or editorial roles at Canadian newspapers, news agencies, radio stations, television networks, or magazines, with a minimum of five years of experience. Freelance journalists who have consistently contributed to media outlets over a five-year period are also eligible to apply.

Fellows have the flexibility to enroll in various graduate or undergraduate courses and utilize all the resources available at the University. No specific educational prerequisites are required for the fellowship. Fellows do not earn academic credits or degrees for their activities during the fellowship term.

In addition to the formal program, Journalism Fellows participate in regular informal seminars to engage in discussions on contemporary issues with guest speakers representing diverse professional backgrounds.

Successful candidates commit to abstain from professional duties, including writing and broadcasting, for the duration of the fellowship. Personal vacations or travel are limited to University holidays. Selected individuals are designated as Fellows-at-Large at the University of Toronto, enjoying the privileges of a Senior Resident at Massey College. Throughout the fellowship, Fellows are encouraged to produce a piece of journalistic work (in a format of their choice) that reflects the academic pursuits of Massey College. This work is expected to be shared through publication on the Massey College website.

The Fellowship covers: (1) Eight months of the Fellow’s regular annual salary at the time of selection, capped at \(4,900 per month (equivalent to \)58,800 gross per year). Monthly payments, covering the eight-month academic year, commence in late September and conclude in late April; (2) Coverage of all university fees; (3) Travel expenses up to the cost of economy airfare to and from Toronto for the Fellow and their family; (4) Travel costs for organized trips during the fellowship program.

For further details, please contact:

Emily Mockler | Massey College | 4 Devonshire Place | Toronto ON | M5S 2E1 | 416-978-6606 |