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### High Demand for New A Level Courses at Milton Keynes College

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A surge of students have enrolled in A Levels at Milton Keynes College following the introduction of four innovative pathway courses.

The college staff have been amazed by the overwhelming response to the specialized pathways, tailored to guide students towards specific career sectors or higher education opportunities.

These pathways offer students the opportunity to delve into subjects that will enable them to specialize in distinct areas. The Green Pathway focuses on environmental science and biology, the Social Science Pathway encompasses psychology and sociology, the Creative Pathway includes English Language and Literature and Media Studies, and the Digital Business Pathway offers Computer Science and Business courses.

MK College

Regardless of the chosen pathway, students will undertake a third A Level, selecting from English, maths, business, psychology, or law.

“We have received numerous inquiries for further details and applications,” stated Marc Hulbert, recently appointed as the Head of A Levels at the college.

He emphasized, “It is crucial for individuals to understand that pursuing education at the college level is not an effortless endeavor. The academic standards are just as demanding as those in schools, leading to fierce competition for placements. For instance, to pursue maths A Level, a grade seven at GCSE is imperative due to the rigorous nature of the course. Similarly, entry into the Green Pathway necessitates a six in maths and a double six in science. It is certainly a challenging journey.”

Marc, with extensive ties to prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, encourages students to set ambitious goals.

“The A level curriculum at Milton Keynes College will be academically rigorous. In addition to three A Levels, students can opt for the Extended Project Qualification, a 5,000-word dissertation highly valued by universities, and an introductory Latin course, particularly beneficial for those studying biology, law, or English.

“A Levels at MK College are centered on empowering individuals to realize their full potential and enhance their prospects in life. There is no reason why a student from here cannot aspire to Oxford or Cambridge.”

Marc is assembling a highly competent team of educators. “We have a wealth of lecturers with extensive experience in teaching A Levels, and I am delighted by the enthusiasm it has generated among the staff. Our faculty members have diverse expertise in teaching maths, law, English, and the sciences, including individuals with advanced degrees such as Master’s and PhDs.”

“The college environment offers a fresh start and greater independence compared to a school sixth form. It serves as an ideal transition to university.”

“If you possess ambition and believe that college life aligns with your aspirations, reach out to us, and we will provide detailed information on the available opportunities.”

To express your interest in pursuing A Levels at MK College, please visit the following link.