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### High Demand for New A Level Courses at Milton Keynes College

Staff at Milton Keynes College have been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming interest from potential A Level students looking to enroll in courses.

The College is introducing its A Level program this year, and it appears that numerous young individuals are enticed by the specialized pathways tailored to guide them towards specific sectors in either employment or university.

These four pathways offer students the opportunity to delve into subjects that will allow them to specialize in particular areas. The Green Pathway encompasses environmental science and biology; the Social Science Pathway includes psychology and sociology; the Creative Pathway features English Language and Literature and Media Studies; and the Digital Business Pathway comprises Computer Science and Business. Regardless of the pathway chosen, students will undertake a third A Level, selecting from English, maths, business, psychology, or law.

“We have been inundated with inquiries for additional information and applications,” notes Marc Hulbert, who has been appointed as the Head of A Levels at the College, bringing with him over thirty years of experience at one of the country’s largest and most established sixth form colleges. Formerly serving as the Director of Academic Achievements and Progression, focusing on supporting high achievers in reaching their full potential.

“It is crucial for individuals to understand that pursuing education at the college level is not a walk in the park. The academic standards here are as rigorous as those in schools, leading to intense competition for placement. For instance, to pursue maths A Level, a grade seven at GCSE is a prerequisite due to the challenging nature of the course. Similarly, to qualify for the Green Pathway, a six in maths and a double six in science are mandatory. It’s certainly no walk in the park,” emphasizes Marc.

Marc boasts strong ties with prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, welcoming students who aspire to reach the pinnacle of academic success.

“The A Level program at Milton Keynes College will undeniably be academically rigorous. In addition to the three A Levels, students will have the opportunity to undertake the Extended Project Qualification, a 5,000-word dissertation highly valued by universities, along with an introductory Latin course, particularly beneficial for those studying biology, law, or English. A Levels at Milton Keynes College are designed to empower individuals to harness their full potential and enhance their prospects in life. Why shouldn’t a student from here aim for Oxford or Cambridge? We certainly see no reason why not,” asserts Marc.

Marc is assembling a formidable team of educators. “We already have a cadre of lecturers with extensive experience teaching A Levels, and I am thrilled by the level of interest it has generated among the staff. Our team comprises educators well-versed in teaching maths, law, English, and the sciences – a diverse array of expertise. Moreover, many of them are accomplished academic scholars, holding numerous Master’s degrees and PhDs,” he adds.

Marc highlights a distinctive quality that sets their staff apart from others. “Unlike teachers in schools who interact with various age groups, college lecturers predominantly engage with sixteen to eighteen-year-olds, offering a deeper understanding of this age group. The college environment fosters a fresh start and greater independence compared to a school sixth form, serving as an ideal transition to university.”

The College is actively recruiting staff to maintain small class sizes. “We are committed to ensuring that students are placed in groups of similar sizes to those in a school sixth form to optimize their learning experience. Our goal is to eliminate any hindrances to their academic growth,” explains Marc.

Furthermore, the College is well-equipped to assist students in their university applications. “With approximately four hundred students navigating the UCAS process annually, our experienced Careers and Progression team possesses in-depth knowledge of the system, offering invaluable guidance and support,” Marc mentions.

Encouraging young individuals currently undertaking GCSEs to explore the option of studying A Levels at the College, Marc emphasizes, “If you possess ambition and believe that college life aligns with your aspirations, reach out to us, and we will provide you with detailed insights into what we have to offer.”

To express your interest in pursuing A Levels at Milton Keynes College, please visit [ppp13].