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### Top School Rankings Released for 2024: Annual Report

The Houston Matters logo on a white background Houston Matters begins at 9 a.m. CT on 88.7FM or online. Join the discussion at 713-440-8870.

On Tuesday’s program: The latest public [ppp1] have been released. Bob Sanborn, the president and CEO of the organization, will review the findings aimed at providing insights for parents, educators, and the community to assess local school performance and stimulate conversations about the state of public education in Texas.

Additionally, in this segment: We will be joined by the newly elected [ppp2] to discuss his recent appointment and his strategies for addressing the city’s upcoming budget challenges.

Later, a News 88.7 journalist will outline his conversation with Superintendent Mike Miles, who revealed that more HISD schools are set to participate in the upcoming year’s “New Education System” reform initiative.

Lastly, the topic of the hour revolves around the relevance of teaching cursive writing in schools today. Is there still an emphasis on developing good handwriting skills, or is it considered less essential in modern education?

Audio recordings of today’s episode will be accessible post 11 a.m. CT. Additionally, a complimentary podcast of the show is available on various platforms.