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### Amy Robach’s Daughter, Ava Monroe, Enjoys Beer with Friends on Overseas Getaway

AMY Robach’s daughter Ava Monroe has been enjoying beers with friends while studying abroad, as her sister Annalise explores NYC.

Ava recently embarked on a study abroad program in Germany, sharing glimpses of her experiences on Instagram. One photo captures her by a vibrant blue door, adorned in a wool coat, while others showcase her alongside a friend and the stunning German architecture. In a final snapshot, she is seen raising glasses of frothy beer in a toast with her companions.

Expressing her affection in German, a comment on Ava’s post reads “Ich liebe dich” (meaning “I love you”), to which Ava, 21, responds with “Ich dich auch” (translated as “I love you too”).

Meanwhile, Ava’s younger sister, Annalise, 17, spent quality time in NYC, dining out with her friend Anna Yaegashi. The duo posed for a photo, with Annalise sporting a light gray sweatshirt and her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders as they smiled for the camera.

Amy, the mother of the two, recently shared her emotions about Ava’s study abroad journey. In a TikTok video, Amy accompanies Ava to the airport, marking the beginning of her daughter’s educational adventure. Despite feeling a mix of excitement and sadness, Amy reflects on the bittersweet moment of watching her “baby” take flight.

Transitioning into a new chapter, Amy has delved into podcasting, where she candidly discusses her life choices and experiences. Her podcast with partner TJ explores various topics, including their past affair and subsequent departure from ABC. Despite facing challenges and controversies, Amy remains optimistic about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.

As Amy and TJ navigate the world of podcasting, their show has seen fluctuations in listenership, with initial intrigue gradually tapering off. Notable episodes discussing personal struggles and revelations have sparked temporary interest, reflecting the dynamic nature of their storytelling.

Both sisters, Ava and Annalise, continue to embrace new adventures and experiences, embodying a spirit of exploration and growth as they carve their paths forward.