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### Franklin Shobe: Alumni Showcase

Meet a graduate of Seton Hall University, Franklin Shobe, who completed his degree in May 2023 and now works as a program assistant at the Education and Leadership Exchange division of the Eurasia Foundation. Throughout his time at Seton Hall, Franklin undertook various roles, including positions as a graduate assistant and research assistant, actively engaged in organizations like the International Law Society, and was recognized with an Academic Excellence Award for achieving the highest grade point average in his graduating class. Franklin stands as a shining example of the exceptional students and alumni nurtured by Seton Hall.

Franklin’s academic focus during his graduate studies revolved around International Law and Human Rights, as well as International Economics and Development. The expertise he acquired in these fields serves as the cornerstone for his current role at the Eurasia Foundation. In his capacity as a program assistant, Franklin plays a crucial part in facilitating exchanges between non-profit professionals and academics from America and Eurasia. His daily tasks are vital in ensuring the seamless operation that the Eurasia Foundation upholds for the success of its initiatives. From detailed research and meticulous proofreading to managing data organization and handling financial matters, Franklin’s contributions are indispensable to the Eurasia Foundation’s mission.

During his pursuit of a Master’s degree, Franklin interned with the International Rescue Committee, an experience that solidified his dedication to the non-profit sector. It was during this internship and an interaction with representatives from the Eurasia Foundation while attending an intensive Russian course at Middlebury College that Franklin gained valuable insights into the organization’s goals, paving the way for his current position.

Looking back on his educational path, Franklin underscores the profound impact of the School of Diplomacy on his achievements. He highlights the lesson he learned about the importance of proactivity in task completion and organizational integration. Drawing from his diverse experiences in internships, classes, and networking, Franklin advises current students to persevere, stay adaptable, and seize new opportunities. He stresses the value of diligence in a competitive field, urging aspiring diplomats to push boundaries and excel. Furthermore, Franklin advocates for language proficiency development, citing his own proficiency in Russian as a valuable asset that enhanced his employability and enriched his comprehension of global affairs.

As Franklin continues to advance in his career, he serves as a source of inspiration for future diplomats and non-profit leaders within the School of Diplomacy, demonstrating that dedication and enthusiasm can lead to limitless possibilities in the realm of international relations.