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### Latest Ranking: AGSM@UNSW Breaks Into Top 10 in FT Global Online MBA Rankings

Professor Nick Wailes serves as the AGSM Director and Senior Deputy Dean at UNSW Business School. The AGSM@UNSW Business School’s online MBA program has garnered recognition, securing the seventh position globally in the latest rankings by the UK-based Financial Times.

AGSM@UNSW stood out as the sole institution in the Asia-Pacific region featured on the list, which was topped by Europe’s IE Business School. According to the ranking data, graduates were earning an average of \(US163,817 (\)AUD249,126) three years post-graduation. In comparison, graduates from the top-ranked IE Business School were earning an average of \(205,088 (\)AUD311,889).

The distinctive $64,080 MBAx program offers a part-time, fully flexible MBA experience that can be completed entirely online. Alternatively, students have the flexibility to attend face-to-face classes or opt for a combination of online and in-person learning. The program allows completion within a timeframe ranging from two to six years.

The Financial Times Online MBA Rankings 2024 assess various indicators such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, program diversity, research ranking, international faculty composition, salary progression, among others, to evaluate the top online MBA programs globally.

This recognition marks another significant achievement for AGSM@UNSW following the AGSM MBAX program being ranked first in the Asia-Pacific region in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 2024 Global Online MBA rankings last year.

Professor Nick Wailes emphasized the school’s recent success in global rankings and the growing importance of online MBAs in executive education and their societal impact. He highlighted the program’s adaptability and accessibility, making it attractive to individuals from diverse backgrounds, thereby enriching online class discussions.

With specialized courses in Technology, Social Impact, Change, Law, or Finance, the AGSM MBAX offers a compelling option for leaders aspiring to drive positive societal change. The curriculum is continuously refined in collaboration with industry experts and scholars to equip graduates with the skills to tackle today’s complex challenges effectively.

Furthermore, sustainability and responsible management are integral components of the AGSM @ UNSW Business School MBA programs, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to apply these principles in their professional endeavors. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the school’s consistent performance in global rankings, including those recognized by The Financial Times.

Jeremy Grace, the Director of part-time MBA Programs, underscored the emphasis on sustainability and responsible management in the coursework and discussions. The school’s alumni play a crucial role in endorsing the online MBA program’s strength, reflecting the impact of AGSM graduates in driving positive change in society.

The ethos of sustainability and responsible management permeates through all aspects of the program, guiding decisions on course design and strategic integration. AGSM’s alumni continue to make a significant impact on society, reinforcing the school’s reputation as a powerhouse in producing individuals at the forefront of societal transformation.