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### Enhancing Academic Performance: Strategies and Techniques

A Basis of Education

At DU, our aim is to shape a brighter future for all. We provide students with the chance to develop the expertise, understanding, and outlook needed to bring about tangible, enduring transformations in our society.

By nurturing a dynamic environment that prioritizes intellectual advancement, well-being, character development, and career competency, we go beyond traditional academic settings. Joining DU means becoming part of a community that enriches each member and contributes to the common good.

Embracing a Four-Dimensional Approach, we encourage you to leave a mark on the world while equipping you with the necessary resources right here at DU.

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Dual Campuses, Singular DU Experience

Every DU student benefits from an education on our Denver campus—spanning 125 lush acres near downtown Denver—and our inspiring location set amidst the majestic Colorado Rockies.

In Denver, you’ll tap into a thriving startup ecosystem and a vibrant arts scene, discovering why it stands out as a prime destination for new careers. Notably, more than 70% of our undergraduates choose to call Colorado home post-graduation. Meanwhile, the Kennedy Mountain Campus offers a serene backdrop for reflection, connection, and exploration of Colorado’s breathtaking natural beauty.

This distinctive two-campus learning journey opens up fresh and exciting avenues for forging lifelong connections with peers and applying the knowledge gained in classrooms. It instills in you a sense of self-assurance, the value of your capabilities, and your potential to effect global change.

Uncover Your Mission

Through our distinctive programs, you’ll thrive at DU, guided by a supportive network of mentors and advisors dedicated to your triumph. You’ll exit prepared for post-graduation life, armed with knowledge, a sense of direction, and a valuable skill set.

Engage in transformative, hands-on learning experiences that offer ample opportunities for intellectual growth and skill development essential for a purposeful life and career.

Our inclusive, collaborative culture empowers you to delve into your strengths and interests while exploring holistic well-being encompassing physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual aspects.

Shaping Your Tomorrow

Embrace a Dynamic World

At DU, you’ll deepen your global awareness and uncover ways to effect positive change. Our degree programs cater to you as a multifaceted individual. Begin with our liberal arts foundation to gain a broad perspective, then tailor your path through our specialized degree offerings for hands-on learning experiences that drive real change.

Moreover, our designation as a Very High Research University (“R1”) by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education means you’ll have the chance to pioneer research in diverse fields, from sustainable energy to peace and conflict studies.

Crafting Your Strategy

Explore Undergraduate Programs

Discover Graduate Programs

Fostering Impact

Towards a Brighter Future

At DU, our dedication to public service starts with enhancing lives and communities in Denver and beyond. This commitment is upheld through pioneering student and faculty research, community projects, and impactful collaborations with entities driving positive transformations. Throughout their academic journey, DU students play a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for a better future in Colorado.

Embrace the Future with Conviction

Enriched by a Four-Dimensional Experience, you’ll graduate not just with a degree but with a versatile and dynamic skill set that will serve you for a lifetime. Leaving DU, you’ll recognize the value you bring to every endeavor, confident in your capacity to effect change in your life, community, and the world.


The University of Denver provides equal opportunities to students of all backgrounds without discrimination based on race, color, or national and ethnic origin. This extends to all aspects of school life, including educational policies, admissions, scholarships, athletics, and other programs.

For more details, explore DU’s offerings, resources, and initiatives.

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