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**Revolutionizing Education Financing: Abroad Cube Exceeds Rs 100 Crore in Student Loans**

New Delhi [India], February 29: In a time when global connectivity is on the rise, students are increasingly enthusiastic about expanding their horizons and exploring educational opportunities on a global scale. Abroad Cube, a brand under McCarthy AI Private Limited, is at the forefront of the study-abroad consultancy sector, utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer a diverse array of services aimed at aiding students in their pursuit of education overseas.

Transforming the Landscape of Study Abroad Consultancy

Abroad Cube stands out by delivering comprehensive support, ranging from study abroad guidance to facilitating education loans, along with pre-departure and post-departure assistance. Through collaborations with over 60 international corporations and financial entities, including ICICI Bank and HDFC Credila, the platform delivers an extensive spectrum of services. Additionally, Abroad Cube’s dedication to ensuring student safety, by enrolling them with Indian Embassies abroad, distinguishes it within the competitive market.

Flourishing Market and Trajectory of Growth

The platform has witnessed a remarkable 600% upsurge in requests for education loans, indicating a thriving market for global education. This upswing propelled Abroad Cube to surpass the Rs 100 Cr disbursement milestone in education loans. Its innovative utilization of technology to offer a more autonomous, impartial, and automated process plays a pivotal role in its swift expansion. Furthermore, Abroad Cube’s acknowledgment as an inventive startup by the DPIIT under the Startup India initiative solidifies its standing in the sector.

Broadening Horizons

Despite the fierce competition in the market, Abroad Cube’s distinctive approach and steadfast commitment to student well-being and convenience set it apart. Initiatives to extend its online presence globally, with a focus on regions like Nigeria, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the Middle East, are already in progress. The platform’s agility in adapting to diverse trends across India, tailoring services to meet the unique requirements and inclinations of students in different states, contribute significantly to its prosperity.

The evolution of Abroad Cube from a vision to a prominent player in the study-abroad consultancy realm exemplifies the influence of innovation and technology in reshaping conventional industries. Its emphasis on student safety, coupled with the effective integration of AI and ML, serves as a model for the future of international education consultancy.