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### Top 10 National Rankings for 7 Watts College Public Affairs Graduate Programs

Seven graduate specializations at Arizona State University are ranked among the top 10 in the United States, as per the latest national rankings. This achievement includes seven top-10 public affairs rankings from U.S. News & World Report, making it the highest total for any college or school within ASU.

Furthermore, ASU has secured the 20th position on U.S. News’ overall ranking, marking an improvement of eight spots from its previous placement. The Watts College, known as one of the nation’s largest comprehensive public service colleges, has demonstrated exceptional performance in various areas.

In the field of public affairs, ASU’s emergency management and homeland security graduate program holds the impressive 2nd rank, surpassing esteemed institutions such as George Washington University, Columbia University, and the University of Southern California.

ASU’s nonprofit management program has been recognized as the 5th best in the country, outperforming the University of Washington, USC, and the University of Georgia. This program, supported by the School of Public Affairs, offers a range of courses designed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the field.

The overall ranking of ASU’s public affairs programs, placing 13th nationally, exceeds the rankings of Ohio State University, Texas A&M University at College Station, and the University of Virginia. This recognition highlights the exceptional quality and impact of both the School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Work at ASU.

Dean of Watts College, [Dean’s Name], expressed satisfaction with the rankings, emphasizing the schools’ stellar reputation as leaders in the nation. The faculty’s dedication to impactful research and evidence-based practices has contributed significantly to this recognition, reinforcing the importance of data-driven decision-making in public service.

[Director’s Name], the director and professor at the School of Public Affairs, commended the school’s excellence and influence in the public affairs domain. The diverse expertise and influence of the faculty, staff, and students have played a crucial role in maintaining the school’s position among the top 15 public affairs schools nationally.

Director of the School of Social Work, [Director’s Name], highlighted the school’s remarkable advancement in the rankings, signifying the growing recognition of ASU’s exceptional faculty and academic programs. The faculty’s research productivity and leadership in social work scholarship have positioned ASU as a prominent institution in the field.

Additionally, five other individual graduate programs within the School of Public Affairs have achieved top-10 rankings in various specializations, further solidifying ASU’s reputation for excellence in public affairs education and research. These programs cover a wide range of areas such as information and technology management, local government management, public management and leadership, urban policy, and environmental policy, showcasing the school’s diverse expertise and impact in the field. Two other programs within the School of Public Affairs have also secured positions in the top 20 nationwide, emphasizing the school’s consistent commitment to academic quality and innovation.